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Militias of the MB seriously injured Coptic activist Amir Ayad

Mina Thabet | 25 March 2013
Amir Ayad, member of Maspero Youth Union, founder of Christian Brotherhood group, and member of the fact-finding committee investigating the torture and imprisonment of Copts in Libya, was found Saturday morning at Al-Helal Hospital; with signs of torture across his body, after he had disappeared near the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam.
He said before he entered coma that he was kidnapped by the Muslim Brotherhood while participating in demonstrations near the MB headquarter in Moqattam. He was dragged into a mosque before they start torturing and beating him for hours with other demonstrators, and finally he jumped of a window and was saved by some people who live near that mosque. 
Amir lies currently in intensive care unit with body covered in bruises, his left arm and couple of his vertebral bones is broken, and there are fears that he may have suffered brain damage as well.
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