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Michel Fahmy
Michel Fahmy
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The harvest began

Michel Fahmy | 28 August 2012

 I dedicate this article to those who participated and those who didn't participate in the Anti-MB demonstrations of August 24. The decision of Muslim Brotherhood to nominate a candidate in the presidential elections was proven to be a disaster for Egypt and the Arab countries as well as it only led to steady decline in all fields as a result of such floundering presidential decisions.

Egypt is on its way to a complete regression politically, economically, militarily and morally ...etc. Its president has no experience and the only recommendation of its prime minister is belonging to Muslim Brotherhood! He only believes in wearing clothes made of cotton rather than having an air conditioner. Its ministers didn't dare previously to walk in front of the Council of Ministers. 
Muslim Brotherhood has a lot of people now whose job is to defend their president in satellite channels. They keep lying, and never respect their viewer as they tell lies that they don't believe.
The important question here is: How long will either withstand, the Egyptian people or the Muslim Brotherhood? 
As for the Coptic Egyptians, the first step is to claim solemn declaration for the real numbers from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics. We should reject that underestimated number claiming that Copts are only five to six millions in Egypt, which hasn't changed 20 years ago!
The second steps is to raise their issues before the International Criminal Court by international law firms with the hight fees in collaboration with Egyptian Jurists to prepare the files and evidence of kidnapping, persecutions, forced displacement and burning property, and so on. We should depend only on demonstrations, conferences and Jurists no more.
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