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Sweden: Conference to Discuss the Problems of the Copts in Egypt

by Copts United | 10 August 2012

Copts of Sweden hold a conference on August 12th , 2012, entitled "No to Exclude or Forced Displacement" to discuss the problems of Coptic Christians as well as the recent attacks in Dahshur where the homes and properties of Christians were destroyed, and they were forced to leave the village. It also aims at providing a questioning for the Swedish parliament.

The conference is held under the auspices of the Social Democratic Party and in the presence of some political figures in Stockholm.
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2- Mr.
james koroniades email | 13 August 2012
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I would like to keep abreast of developments concerning the coptic community in Eqypt.
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1- conferences
Nabil email | 10 August 2012
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Very good idea. This kind of conferences should be spread all over the world. Enogh is enough.
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