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  • Friday ,27 July 2012

Egyptian coptic thinker mulls over assistant presidential post


Copts and Poliltical Islam


Friday ,27 July 2012

Egyptian coptic thinker mulls over assistant presidential post

 Coptic thinker and writer Samir Morcos confirmed to Al-Ahram Arabic language website late Wednesday that he had received an offer from President Mohamed Morsi to join the presidential team as an assistant, making him the first Christian to be offered a job in Morsi's administration. Morcos, who is part of the "Third Current" coalition of liberal and leftist forces campaigning for an alternative to an Islamist or military state, would be part of the democratic affairs team in the new government, if he accepts.

Morcos explained that he received the offer during a meeting held with Morsi on 10 July in which they agreed to meet again to discuss the specifics of the job. He is yet to hear back from the presidential office as to when the second meeting is scheduled to take place.
The former director of an Egyptian NGO added that the level of authority and details of his responsibilities would determine whether he agrees to take the position.
Morcos previously headed up civil society group El-Masry Foundation for Citizenship and Dialogue and is not formally affiliated with any political party. His columns regularly appear in Al-Shorouk newspaper.
However, Morcos was most recently involved in the "Third Current’ initiative launched on 28 June.
Over 150 liberal and leftist politicians and thinkers form the group which aims to counter "Islamist and military hegemony" by offering a secular and civil alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi or the former de-facto leader Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi.