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  • Wednesday ,18 July 2012

Problems of article II

Ezzat Boulos

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Wednesday ,18 July 2012

Problems of article II

 Centers of human rights, and some Coptic institutions support the stay of article II as it is in the Constitution of 1971 with no change. However, many people think that the current committee will fail like its predecessor, as it doesn't really represent the Egyptian community or its minorities.

Islamists will support adding some religious articles, which I think is a big mistake that should be avoided. Such articles will only interfere in a very special relationship between God and men, neglecting the relationship between men, and the changeable interests of the state and citizens? People should be able to refuse the laws that they don't like, and thus, it can't be holly and unchangeable.
Somebody may say that the Constitution was enacted for the legislature and not for the judge. However, the Constitution affects and supports many judgments like those Copts have been suffering from for years after the constitution of 1971 cited “Islamic law as the main source of legislation”. 
This article was made by the late president Sadat to allow him to extend his reign and so did Mubarak. Article II didn't protect Egypt from the moral and social corruption. If we make a comparison between Egypt in post-seventies and later after changing this article, we will find that Egypt was much better and developed without it. After this article, society has turned so fast towards degradation and chaos that we can see now drugs being sold now in public squares, as well as women face sexual harassment in public places.
At the same time, the veil is measuring faith now for women and the beard length for men. I can assure that this article in the constitution has nothing to do with developing the morals of the Egyptians. In fact, I think it would be more useful if they draft an article that says: “Egypt is a civil state, and the majority of citizens are Muslims. Egypt supports pluralism, tolerance, citizenship and equality"
Finally, I want to say that such thoughts are delivered as I really believe in the civil state which is the only guarantee that we may get rid of ignorance and backwardness as well as regain freedom and creativity that leads to the prosperity, civilization and culture.