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Girgis Bushra
Girgis Bushra
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Strong fighters as Eng. Adly Abadir are needed

Girgis Bushra | 17 July 2012

 May God repose the soul of the strong fighter Eng. Adly Abadir Youssef, who stood firmly and fearlessly before the tyrant Mubarak and warned against the danger of the Islamists including Muslim Brotherhood on the national unity of Egypt and on its moderate Muslims.

This man has devoted his effort as well as money to serve the cause of Copts who suffer in Egypt.
If only we have 10 Copts  in Egypt who follow the steps of Eng. Adly Abadir and his biography as well as struggle for Egypt. 
This man was never to give up his battle as he really believed it is a fair one.
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