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  • Tuesday ,17 July 2012

We sacrifice our blood for Egypt

Sherif Mansour

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Tuesday ,17 July 2012

We sacrifice our blood for Egypt

 I used to wonder upon reading the history of our Coptic grandfathers, and how they allowed Egypt to be occupied so easily. And now, we are about to repeat the same incidents. Egyptians are so disintegrated. It looks like we no longer care for our country or its great civilization.

How long will the Copts be so coward and fear to die? They believe that if they die, they will be with Christ. Why don't we support the people who really love Egypt, and many they are! We are too introverted, and we never heard about teamwork.
Before Mubarak was overthrown in 2011, we tried to unite the Copts in an international team to represent the Copts and demand their rights, however, we found great opposition from the Copts themselves. 
In May 2012, a conference was held in Washington and was attended by many Copts from all over the world. I didn't attend it, as I had to be with my family at the same day. However, if I had a chance to talk in it, I would say: Dear ladies and gentlemen, we need to elect a council to represent the Copts politically. Such conference was a great chance to do so as it was open to the public. 
If it was announced that this conference is open for the public as well as nomination for this council of the Copts, I’m sure this number would have been doubles. Through such council, we may learn to practice democracy in order to defend Egypt, our beloved country. We need to start all over and accept each other learning how to work as a team.