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  • Monday ,16 July 2012

Fekry Abd Elmotaleb

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,16 July 2012

Fekry Abd Elmotaleb

 Few days back last week Fekry Abd Elmotaleb left our word for ever to meet his creator; but I know lots of you wonder who is he and many of you never ever heard his name and might even had seen him and listened to his words but just like me do not keep names in memory or just seen it and never got the chance to know his name.

Before going on let me introduce you to Fekry Abdul Muttalib in his own words....
Writer and researcher Ge religious movements, political, and the most prominent literature: current Wahabi in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and terrorism, the Bible, the Koran Wahhabi character, Adaqh to co-authoring in many of the works issued from the centers of Jaffa and Hijazna and sanctities of the studies and publishing both in Cairo, Casablanca and Beirut. subsite in civilized dialogue: http://www.ahewar.org/m.asp?i=4521 
In brief Fekry was a writter, and researcher, in his last interview hours before the final announcement of the presidential elections he was the first ever to predict or announce what was going on behind closed doors and the plans of MB to make a Cout D'Etat taking over the political street in Egypt toward the very special plans of MB which only cares of MB and nothing else but MB!
Fekry R.I.P had important books published about Wahabi in Egypt and their tendency to impose their views with terrorism he even had books about Saudi Arabia and terrorism, recall the master mind of 9/11 attacks on World Trade Centre Bin Laden was a Saudi expelled citizen that belonged to the royal family and tried to take over the throne of Saudi Kingdom via another Cout D'Etas that thanks to the well known secret agreement between USA  and Saudi Arabia protection for oil, failed as USA marines helped the king to regain control!
Fekry wrote about how Qatar and Saudi Arabia helped Israel to gain control of Arab Market, he had contacts and in secret relation with hi profile personnel that provided him with informations about the Syrian plots the Libyan revolution and some of his books could not even be printed in Egypt he had to publish them as far as Morocco!
Fekry Abd Elmotaleb or   Fekry Abdul Muttalib was a researcher and respectful writer had his views and said his word in lots of books he published over his short life, he left us with his body, but his ideas, principals and views remain with us a life monument of his existence, people like him never die they remain alive in our hearts for ever, Rest in Peace Fekry and we will soon be somewhere else like Pope Shenuda III said We are in Transit in this word!