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  • Friday ,13 July 2012

Lament for Egypt

Victor Thabet

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Friday ,13 July 2012

Lament for Egypt

 I cannot believe that my beloved and the beginning of civilization is dying. Egypt my dear, I can sea tears on your cheeks and I can see your Nile River bleeding. I can see the pale face of the Sphinx wondering: is this the end! 

Egypt now is very much like a prey or bleeding woman. Its young people are being killed for no good reason. Christian minors are kidnapped and never come back. Thieves are doing their best all over Egypt. Our President has won the presidency with almost 50% and his success is very much questionable. He has sworn an oath to respect the law and the constitution trice, and break it few days later!
Judiciary system is insulted as well as the Military Council, which handed Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood, however they could govern for more than 100 years. They could have started with a civil constitution that protects human rights, but they cared more for their own interests, and thus, they lost everything.
I was so sad to watch liberal MPs while they were beaten and no body cares, not even Clinton, Obama or SCAF members.
Dear Egypt, they are trying to seize hold of your Constitution and destroy your sweet moderate Islam. They had insulted the late His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, and now they are insulting sheik of al-Azhar because he is trying to save you from their extremism.
My beloved, you can make it, never surrender to them. God may preserve you my dear.