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  • Thursday ,12 July 2012

Illegal president!

Dr. Awad Shafik

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Thursday ,12 July 2012

Illegal president!

 The decision of Mr. President to reinstate the dissolved Parliament is an invalid decision, and he should be prosecuted for it. Moreover, he has committed another mistake when he claimed that Military Council had issued a mistaken administrative decision, In fact, it was an executive on. 

Furthermore; the decision of Military Council was based on a final court's ruling which is enforceable as soon as it has been published in the Official Gazette.
The state headed by Dr Mohammed Mursy has to determine whether it would respect the judiciary and law or not! 
I want to inform Dr. Mursy that he has committed a crime according to the Egyptian law (article 123 of Penal Code and others) which state that any public employee refuses or hinders a court's ruling should be punished by imprisonment and isolation.
Consequently, all decisions and laws issued by this Parliament are null and void because it is issued after a court’s ruling had dissolved the Parliament, and the President has trespassed against legitimacy.
Now, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces has to move to protect the legitimacy, and to protect its right in the legislative power according to the complementary Constitutional Declaration. I say to Mr. Mursy: you have proved now that you are illegal president!