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  • Wednesday ,11 July 2012

Dear Christians, prayers are not enough!

John Alfy

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Wednesday ,11 July 2012

Dear Christians, prayers are not enough!

 One of the priests told me why Christians in Egypt make a cross tattoo on their right hand. And the reason dates back to the days of Christians’ persecution, as Romans used to kill Christians after they had tortured them. Many children had lost their parents, and this tattoo was a mark that this child is a Christian. 

This story shows how brave our fathers used to be and what kind of faith they had. Now, all Christians are worried and fear of the religious state. All over social networks, I find all kinds of pictures, verses, and prayers by Christians. On the other hand, many Christians are immigrating away from Egypt.
I want to say that all Egyptians including Christians are really worried about their future. However, Christians think they are so weak. Before the revolution, they could only demonstrate inside their churches, and their demonstrations only saw the streets after the revolution.
Christians should understand that they can only take their right in an equal citizenship by force, and that they have to participate in political parties to get their rights.
They should claim their rights by themselves and stop waiting for others to claim it.
Dear Christians, if you fear Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, you should ask yourselves: How did they get such power? In fact, I don't like or trust them, but on one hand, I appreciate them as they keep working in organization and arrangement, just as one man.
On the other hand, most Christians refuse to participate in political civil parties.
It's a big lie that Christians were the reason behind Ahemd Shafik to reach the runoff. Their votes were divided between 3 civil candidates. In the runoff, they supported Shafik who belongs to the military and forgot that military had witnessed Soul Church burning and took no action, killed our children in Maspero, and let the mob burn the Church of Empapa in peace!
If church guides its congregation by all means, why should this be covered? 
Dear Christians, help yourselves... its your country... prayers alone aren't enough!