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  • Tuesday ,03 July 2012

To get rid of garbage, you should raise pigs!

Nabil al-Mekaddis

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Tuesday ,03 July 2012

To get rid of garbage, you should raise pigs!

 Getting rid of garbage in the streets is part of progress project of the elected president Mursy who loves to be called so to be differentiated from all other governors of Egypt like the ousted king Farouk, or the deposed Mohammed Naguib, or the assassinated Nasser and Sadat, or the overthrown Mubarak.

In 2009, Mubarak has issued a republican decree to slaughter all pigs which was executed extremely fast, and many people thought that the overthrown president had done so as he fears for his people that pigs were thought to be the reason behind spreading swine flu, while he had made such decision in order to please the Islamists.
More than 100.000 pigs were slaughtered and many Christians have lost their jobs and business, and many fanatics were so happy for such event. They have even rejoiced over the misfortune of those Copts thinking it’s an Islamic victory that was achieved by their leader Mubarak!
Soon, a big problem started which is the rubbish that has spread all over Egypt, and the former regime couldn’t find a good solution for this problem.
 Dear Mr. “the elected President”: First, you have to admit that pig’s slaughter was wrong as it used to devour tons of rubbish daily. Second, you need to take another bold decision to re-raise pigs on scientific basis.
The question is how bold are you to take such decision in order to open the closed factories and offer many jobs? You have quoted the statement of Erdogan that he said during his last visit to Egypt: "I stand at the same distance from all walks of people". The question is: are you?
Your Excellency, as per one of your speeches, you said that you accept all complaints from your people. Many Christians complain about what happened to their businesses as they, according to their religion, believe that raising pigs and eating them is not wrong as the bible says: “Hear and understand: Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”
You did no harm to those who didn’t respect national anthem while they’re preparing the Egyptian constitution. Will you do something to help those poor Christians now?