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Michel Fahmy
Michel Fahmy
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Genius of SCAF and deadlock of MB

Michel Fahmy | 22 June 2012

Since the revolution of January 25 have started, there are many shocking and succeeding events, for instance: many historic places were burned, many prisoners have escaped and one of them is about to become the president of Egypt, Many women, children and men have been kidnapped, banks have been stolen, and the stock market have crashed.

One of the most dangerous things that happened after the revolution is the attempts of Muslim Brotherhood along with April 6 movement, Hamas and Hezbollah to destroy the police institution. After Mubarak was overthrown, they thought that Egypt has become theirs, especially as the Supreme Council of Armed Forces became in charge having to cooperate with them, bearing the unbearable.
Demolishing the Egyptian institutions continued, for instance, the Supreme Constitutional Court which is the third Supreme Constitutional Court to be established all over the world.
As many MB conspires with many foreign countries receiving a lot of money to achieve its plans, legislative actions were taken in order to protect Egypt and Egyptians from such plans.
SCAF members have respected the foreign democracy though Egyptians are not ready yet to understand or practice it. SCAF has respected the elections that led MB to the presidential office however SCAF knows everything about MB intentions, plans and visits. He does so hoping this president will work for the good of all Egyptians, respecting the constitution and law, have belonging to Egypt as well.
All Egyptians have to make sure the coming president will follow these instructions being honest and don’t lie to us.
I salute the Armed Forces and intelligence agencies that toiled and excreted a lot of effort for Egypt. I also salute the police institution that sacrificed more than 150 of its men in the last few months.
I pray that Egypt may prosper despite all its enemies and their conspiracies.  
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