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Al-Shater: we will face attempts to defame MB till “president” Mursy takes office

| 21 June 2012

MB leader, Khairat al-Shater denied he was arrested for marking the ballots in Ameria press in favor of Mursy. He thanked the Egyptians for electing Mursy for the presidency. 

Al-Shater has claimed that there are attempts to make the Egyptians fear MB in order to reproduce the former regime represented in Shafik. He added that MB is attentive to such attempts and will face it till Mursy, the elected president, takes office.
He has also appreciated the Armed Forces and described them as an honorable and national institution.
On the other hand, al-Shater on al-Jaziara satellite channel said that MB only cares for Egypt and its goals is the same as the revolution. He also refused the complementary constitutional declaration, and described the decision of dissolving the Parliament as “the illegal decision” and said MB will take legal steps against it. 
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