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  • Thursday ,21 June 2012


J.M Fahmy

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Thursday ,21 June 2012


 On this crucial time in the history of Egypt a 7,000 old civilization country that hosted two of the old 7 wonders of the world after a brief off the Internet forced vacation I can not post my thoughts weekly as I used to do recently, but my feelings and thoughts still on; you can not stop caring of whom you love or put your brains in rest unless you are in a comma and even then your brains is working on its own out of control but still working until finally put on eternal rest with death.

I did not stop writing thinking or caring, my today's post is on Egypt's future, I do not know what the ballot box will come out with, or if pure fair elections will be on or some hidden hands will try to alter the people’s will and alter results for one candidate or another, BUT I DO HAVE COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN GOD, -who blessed Egypt and it's people in both the Bible and Koran Sharif.
Who was following my posts lately should had noticed I was supporting Ahmed Shafik looking backwards on some good accomplishments and this by all means does not reflect any change in my own personal view that I said it almost a year ago on different individual posts and was -We can not build future before proper set up of the basis, to build a building you need first to dig up for its basis and to dig up for the proper basis you need to have the complete design of the building and how hi you will go!- I said it then and reiterate it now before I hire president -people vote to HIRE a president- we need to know how we can FIRE this president peacefully without having to go back to the Tahrir Square, or shed more of the pure Egyptian Blood that for some people has no value!
Lately I supported and support and will be more than happy if General Ahmed Shafik wins! Note: I'm writing this on Saturday 16th of June and the future if Egypt is about to be decided, who decides it? 
People in their own free will, or MB by another ballot boxes invasion, or may be MC with a counter Ballot Boxes Invasion! 
And the question the more important is how any party would receive the final results? For sure MB will not accept a Ballot Boxes defeat, we had seen samples of their reaction with Hazem Abou Ismael Identity Problem to what extend they will go and is MC council who was watching with extreme intelligence the political street of half ignorant people not to say thee quarter, and in an extreme clever move on the right time marginalized all anti military control and took over the control from MB that proved they do not care but for MB and any other entity does not exists it's blood has no value! And to those who try to improve that image saying that not all Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists I say this applies to Muslim People not Muslim Brotherhood, the difference is that Muslim people love and obey and try to do God’s will not a GENERAL GUID who appointed himself as VICE GOD or HIS SPEAKER ON EARTH AND IMPOSE NEW RULES TO HIS OWN VUES!!
 Bottom line I do not know where Egyptians will take Egypt to, is it the civilization and prosperity or Religious operation rules that Christians revolted against the operation of the Catholic church in Vatican on the nineteenth century? Obviously the religious people that think then can be Gods on Earth did not study well history or hope to do what Amr Ben Ass failed to do years ago and that is make Egypt a 100% Islamic country and all EARTH an Islamic Nation! This is a dream for MB that will never be achieved because GOD IS STILL GOD AND HE DECIDES WHAT THE WORLD WOULD BE!