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  • Monday ,18 June 2012

Why did sheik Shaarawy leave MB?

Ashraf Abdel-Kader

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Monday ,18 June 2012

Why did sheik Shaarawy leave MB?

 When any educated person criticizes Muslim Brotherhood, MB attacks him and accuses him of infidelity and defamation of religion. However, I'm trying to uncover them before the people they are deceiving to know their reality. MB is trading on religion which is an effective tool to have power and authority. They try to look piety and righteous while in fact they are not. They mix between religion and politics though they shouldn't. Religion is pure and holy, but politics is the art of the possible or “Machiavellian” meaning “the end justifies the means”. Egyptian sociologist, Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, head of Ibn Khaldun Center said: "Religion is holy and politics is defiled, how can we mix them?”. However, they mix religion and politics accusing anyone who tries to separate them (in order to preserve the purity of religion) of blasphemy?

Many people don’t know that Sheik Shaarawy and his son, Samy, were MB members and that Shaarawy wrote the first publication of the Muslim Brotherhood after it was moved from Ismailia to Cairo, and he was a close friend of MB founder Hassan al-Banna and used to meet with him daily, but when he discovered their reality, he left it with his son forever.
In his interview with the journalist Saeed Abul Enien who wrote in his book, "Shaarawy that we do not know", the fourth edition of 1995, about a conversation between him and sheik Shaarawy, the journalist asked him: Why Sheik Shaarawy abandoned Muslim Brotherhood? Sheik Shaarawi said: "In 1937, I was member of Wafd Party, and in 1938, We wanted to celebrate the anniversary of Saad Pasha as a national memorial. I delivered a poem praising Saad Pasha as well as Nahas Pasha. Sheik Hassan al-Banna got made when he knew about the poet in which I praised Nahas Pasha.
Later, it came to happen that I was talking with a group of MB members in the presence of sheik Hassan al-Banna when we started talking about political leaders that we should support. I noticed that they didn’t like Nahas Pasha and preferred to support Sedky Pasha. I objected saying: “If religious people want to support a political leader, it should be Nahas Pasha, as he is a good man and religious as well. There is no reason to attack him”. To my surprise, one of the audiences, that I prefer not to mention his name, said: Nahas Pasha is our real enemy as he is the leader of the majority that affects our popularity. Any other leader we can spit on him and his party to make them vanish.
Sheik Shaarawy said, “I was surprised by this unexpected talk. I discovered that night the real intentions of MB and not a matter of missionary work of a religious group, but rather a political one. It’s a matter of majority and minority, and ambition to seize power. 
“That night I took my decision to abandon Muslim Brotherhood”. (Shaarawy that we don’t know, page 68-69). 
About his son he says: Samy, my son, was a member of MB and I told him after I saw the transformation which occurred in this group and advised him to stay away from them as they seek power and have great ambition to rule, and yet samy obeyed (page 70).
Sheik Shaarawi has abandoned Muslim Brotherhood since 1938, after hearing from its founder Hassan al-Banna that they are against any leader of the majority as he competes with them in power. As for any other leader, they can spit on him and his party to make them vanish! Now we may understand why they hated Nasser and tried to kill him in Mansheya Square, Alexandria, and why they hate all popular political leaders as well. So, they aren’t missionaries and they don’t work for God, but they rather seek power.
Now, the dream of MB founder is about to come true in 2012 as they are majority in the Parliament and they are about to draft the new constitution. But, be careful O Egyptians of their Parliament and presidential candidate as they will seize them forever. He who will oppose them will be an infidel working against Islam, as they will govern on behalf of God and will be His spokesmen.