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  • Wednesday ,13 June 2012

A defining moment of our history

Sobhi Foad

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Wednesday ,13 June 2012

A defining moment of our history

 I'm not exaggerating when I say that this week is a defining moment in the modern history of Egypt, as the runoff will be held between Mohammed Mursy and Ahmed Shafik in the presidential elections. It will determine how Egypt will be for many years to come. Egyptians now have two options: First, a civil state where law is respected, all citizens are equal, religious freedom and rights of the minorities as well as women are respected; where science, researches, inventions and production is the way to develop the country. Second, a religious state governed by Mohammed Badie who promised to establish the first Islamic Caliphate in modern Egypt. 

Few days ago, one of MB leaders announced that the capital of Egypt will be Jerusalem instead of Cairo after the border between Egypt and Gaza will be removed!
Shafik who represents the civil state has promised to embrace everyone: Muslims and Christians, to work on the progress of Egypt, create millions of job opportunities as well as bring safety and stability back to Egypt.
The other choice is the candidate of Muslim Brotherhood that we don't know now if it's legal or not, Mursy, who promised to crush his opponents under his feet, apply the Islamic law and solve the problems of Egypt by praying! His decibels or followers in the Parliament have preached the Egyptians by drafting laws for having sex with the dead, allowing children to get married, stopping teaching English in schools, and giving political amnesty for the killers, terrorists and thugs fleeing out of the country. They are going to draft laws for killing anyone abandons Islam, prevent women from working, cut hands and legs off as well as stoning and flogging criminals in the streets as an alternative to prisons... etc. 
Although the difference between both is crystal clear, some people refuse to vote for Shafik as they think this means regenerating the former regime. I tell them: you don’t vote for Shafik, but for a civil state, to Egypt that doesn't differentiate between Muslims and Christians. I don't care about Shafik or Mursy, but I do care about the civil state. I do care that a person who can be judged or even overthrown (to be replaced by another governor in a democratic way) will govern our country. I hate that Egypt will experience the situation of Sudan, Afghanistan and Iran. I do care that Egypt is appreciated and respected all over the world.
It's not about Mursy or Shafik, but the future of Egypt. Shafik can be easily overthrown, but Mursy thinks he is a messenger from God to be the president of Egypt, and thus he won't leave his message until blood and destruction is all over Egypt. He said couple of days ago that Egyptians will only vote for me. In such pride, he may hang his opponents in Tahrir Square claiming they are infidels and anti-Islam.
Finally, I say to every Egyptian, please consider this question: Have thousands of young people sacrificed their lives to have Egypt converted to a state like Afghanistan Sudan or Iran, or rather to a free democracy advanced state like Singapore, Australia or Austria whose citizens enjoy a decent, happy and stable life with a high standard of living? I invite all Egyptians to elect Shafik, whether they like him or not, in order to keep Egypt united and stable. Electing Mursy means dividing Egypt, killing a lot of people, foreign occupation sooner of later and making the dream of Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates comes true.