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  • Tuesday ,12 June 2012

Black or white!

Gergis Wahib

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Tuesday ,12 June 2012

Black or white!

 I'm surprised that political movements, parties, youth revolution coalitions as well as liberal candidates for the presidency are going to support Dr. Mohammed Mursy, the candidate of Muslim Brotherhood against Ahmed Shafik. They know that Mursy and his Freedom and Justice Party are seeking a religious state in Egypt to restore the Islamic caliphate and declare the Islamic law. Moreover, they support MB and their candidate and when they felt that Mursy would lose, they demanded the cancellation of the best Egyptian presidential elections ever.

It seems that Muslim Brotherhood have held some political deals with them. MB has done this many times before since its very beginning, and they never kept a deal. They made a deal with Nasser, and then tried to kill him. Sadat had a deal with them and they killed him. Supreme Council of Armed Forces had a deal with them and they turned against it, and encouraged people to attack the Ministry of defense of their own country! Furthermore, they brought a number of al-Qaeda supporters who raised the flags of al-Qaeda in front of the Ministry of defense!
I don't know how come those liberals trust MB that didn’t commit to any pledge it made since the very beginning of the revolution. If those liberals don't like Shafik for some accusations that nobody could prove it, how come they forget about hundreds of facts that the Guidance office is going to govern Egypt in case Mursy wins? MB will call its opponents infidels and intimidate them. MB has proven to care only about being in power, and it prefers that a Malaysian governor than a Coptic one to govern Egypt. Moreover, MB has receives huge funds from other countries. Major General Omar Suleiman, the former vice president and Director of Intelligence, mentioned in the investigations after the revolution that they monitored contacts between leaders of MB, and a number of leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah. He added that many members of Hamas and Hezbollah were seen in Tahrir Square on January 28, and they attacked police stations and prisons.
If MB acquired the last office that guarantees a civil state in Egypt, Egyptians will experience how does it feel to live in the middle ages! 
It’s enough for MB what they had obtained: They have the majority of seats in the Parliament and the unions, and they will form a ministry very soon. It's so wrong that Freedom and Justice Party seizes over all authorities in Egypt. This will regenerate the National Democratic Party of Mubarak, and even worse it will be.
I don't know what Shafik did wrong. If anyone has any documents against him, let him show it. Then, I'll be the first to abandon him. This is nothing but empty talk of the weak MB who lost the support of the Egyptians after what they did in the Parliament.
I say to liberals who support Mursy or support none: You have to choose now between white (the civil state) or black (the religious state) which will introduce another version of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan and Somalia.