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  • Wednesday ,06 June 2012

Shafik is the choice of the middle class

Mahmoud al-Faraoni

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Wednesday ,06 June 2012

Shafik is the choice of the middle class

 Ahmed Shafik is such a phenomenon rather than a remnant of the former regime. His rivals claim he has appeared suddenly on the stage. He is adored by the middle class which realized after the defeat of 1967 that there is no invincible hero. Such hero is only a fictional.

People started to refuse and demonstrate against such illusion as well as autocracy.
In 1976 Sadat established Manaber (platforms) to put an end to the Socialist Union and open the way before formation of parties. However, the single party of Egypt continued with a couple of decorative parties which was paralyzed by police and unable to participate in the political life.
Away from parties, the middle class was dreaming of a revolution to demand “Bread, Freedom, Social Justice and Human Dignity”, through a peaceful transfer of power to stop the monopoly on power by any faction or its guardianship and tyranny by all means.
The middle class has decided to vote for the state of citizenship and law. It dreams of a civil modern state that put an end to the totalitarian regime whether it is political or religious, and Shafik is able to achieve this modern state.
Shafik doesn't adopt a certain ideology, but rather he supports freedoms, citizenship and the civil state. This is what the middle class needs any way. They don't care much about a president who talk about Arabism or mobilizing armies to fight the infidels as well as the polytheists. He doesn't belong to a party that took over the parliament, unions as well as the founding committee of the constitution. He didn't swear an oath to obey the General Guide, and his children don't have the American citizenship.
Shafik will be a president for all Egyptians, and will apply the law on everyone without discrimination or exceptions. This is what the middle class cares about now. Shafik is a representative for the middle class that seeks developing Egypt and establishing a civil state. This is the strongest class that is able to support Shafik.
I say to all Egyptians who are proud to be so, to all free liberals, it's not a conflict between remnants and revolutionists, but between the civil state and religious state, freedom and tyranny, light and darkness, science and ignorance, civilians and religions traders. We have to choose between the continuation of the first and the greatest country in human history or its demolition. 
An Egyptian legend says that Isis has gathered the pieces of her husband Osiris after his brother had killed him. Will the grandchildren of the great pharaohs gather the pieces of the Egyptian body before it comes to pass that we become ruled by a Malaysian or Turkish ruler?