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Amany Moussa
Amany Moussa
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Spokesman of Egyptians abroad for development: most of us voted to Morsy

Amany Moussa | 6 June 2012

 Ahmed al-Attar, spokesman of the Egyptians Abroad for Development campaign told Copts United that the campaign doesn't favor any of the candidate in the run-off, but most members have voted for Morsy in Qatar, Kuait, Saudi Arabia.. etc. 

He added that all Egyptians should accept the results of the elections no matter what happens. 
Al-Attar added that it doesn't make sense that Copts are the only reason Shafik have reached the run-off, but many Egyptians like Copts, those who work in tourism and liberals.
He added that everybody should respect the choice of Copts as they are not minors, and called all Egyptians to participate in the political parties to strengthen them before the majority party.
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