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  • Tuesday ,05 June 2012

MB is the trump card of America and Israel in Egypt

Sobhi Foad

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Tuesday ,05 June 2012

MB is the trump card of America and Israel in Egypt
While Young people of Egypt were receiving the bullets of policemen in Tahrir Square on January 25, Muslim Brotherhood have received American orders to wait and see what Mubarak was going to do on one hand, and make sure young people could incite the Egyptians as much as they could on the other hand. Two days later, millions of Egyptians had participated in the revolution and hundreds of Egyptians had been already killed, and finally, US ordered MB through their agent in Turkey to participate in the demonstrations. 
Later, MB seized the revolution and started negotiations with Omar Suleiman, former vice president. They also seized the Parliament by  electoral bribes whether in cash or food commodities, as well as trading on religion. 
It's amazing that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces has never referred any complaint against Muslim Brotherhood of electoral bribes or receiving huge amounts of money from foreign countries to support their campaign to the Attorney-General to investigate yet!
Last Saturday Egypt received a controversial judgment on Mubarak by a judge who is known to support and sympathize with MB, which made hundreds of thousands protest against the judgment. Right away MB used the judgment to benefit their presidential candidate with calls to demonstrations, sit-ins and strikes.
Before the verdict against Mubarak and the others, Mursy has announced more than once that he undertakes a new trial with a new evidence, according to the Muslim Brotherhood official site. My question is: did they have prior knowledge of this judgment? How did they know that it will make the Egyptians angry? and does it have something to do with a judge who is known to suppor MB? Why their leaders started few minutes after the judgment to attack Shafik as if he is responsible for such judgment?
With MB history and their anxiousness to seize over power at any price, we cannot assume good faith with their exaggerated reaction to the judgment. It makes me feel that they were somehow aware of the judgment before it was declared and were ready to attack their rival in the presidential elections.
I only write this article to warn all Egyptians that MB being in power is in the favor of America which means:
First, more unemployment, poverty, hunger, misery, and destroying all facilities of the state institutions. Second, replacing the dictatorship of Mubarak with another dictatorship of those who trade on Islam who will rule on behalf of God, and any opposition will be infidelity, and infidels should be killed right now even without a trial! Third, America supports MB as they know that they will lead Egypt to a war with Israel which will lead to occupying Sinai peninsula and the expulsion of millions of Palestinians to it to solve the palestinian problem at the expense of Egypt. Forth, all states that were governed by religious men were stuck with them for many years like Iran and Somalia. Fifth, MB are racist and extremists with obscurant agendas that carry no good for Egypt and will lead to a bloody civil war between Egyptians and waste the country altogether.
Therefore, I call all Egyptians to avoid MB as they are the trump card of many foreign countries save Egypt. Think carefully and don't listen to their sectarian calls that aims at inciting people to vote to their candidate. I believe the solution to our problem is to postpone the presidential elections for a couple of years to have a chance to reconcile between all groups and trends, and rebuild our economy.