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Amany Moussa
Amany Moussa
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Heggy: Judgment on Mubarak is being used by the satanic brotherhood

Amany Moussa | 5 June 2012

 Tarek Heggy, liberal writer and thinker expressed his fears that Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate may win. He said that if Morsy wins, it will be the end of modern Egypt, and a beginning of retardation which will bring Egypt back to the seventh century. 

On the other hand Heggy expressed his support for  Ahmed Shafik, for he is a patriot man who is known for being efficient. He added that if Shafik wins, it will be the begin of progress for Egypt.
He said that al-Katatny, al-Beltagy, al-Shater, Abul Fotouh and Morsy are from another century than the twentieth.
About the judgment against Mubarak he said no body could have imagined such judgment before, and many people like Zakaria Azmy and Ahemd Ibrahim Suleiman and Ahemd Ezz are already sentenced to 8 years at least in jail. 
He added that the judge found interior minister guilty and his assistances are not, thus the minister was sentenced to life imprisonment.
However, Satan Brotherhood made use of this judgment to maximize the chances of their funny candidate against Ahmed Shafik who is the supports the civil state.
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