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Secretary of “The Assembly”: Mubarak’s life imprisonment will soon be not guilty

By-Gergis Wahib | 4 June 2012

Mohamed Ibrahim Eweis, Secretary of "The Assembly" Party in Beni Suef said that it doesn’t make sense that the former minister of interiors is sentenced to life imprisonment while all his assistances are not guilty. He added that he who had given the orders to kill innocent people should be executed, and such rule will give Mubarak a chance to be set free after the appeal.

Eweis denounced that only 2 people are sentenced to life imprisonment while 1000 people have been killed in addition to 1200 casualties most of them lost their sight.
He said that such judgment will benefit Mohammed Mursy in the presidential race; however he is not better than Shafik, but leaders in the previous regime should be isolated in order to save the revolution. 
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