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  • Monday ,04 June 2012

Brotherhood seeks unity on Mubarak trial verdicts, calls for protests


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Monday ,04 June 2012

Brotherhood seeks unity on Mubarak trial verdicts, calls for protests

The Muslim Brotherhood released a statement on their official webpage Ikhwan Online to condemn the verdicts that acquitted Hosni Mubarak’s sons and six assistants to ex-interior minister Habib El-Adly of all charges pressed against them for their alleged involvement in the killing of protesters during the 18 days of the January 2011 uprising.

The Muslim Brotherhood described the verdicts as proof that nothing had changed except deposing the head of the former ruling regime while the system of that regime remains vigorously alive. The Muslim Brotherhood also holds all those responsible for providing evidence accountable for the lack of evidence presented that led to “the shocking verdict.”
The Brotherhood added that hiding evidence was a crime that cast the blood of the martyrs into the drain and was an obstacle to a just verdict.
The statement goes further by pointing out that the acquittal of police officers on all the charges connected to the killing of protesters is a clear hint to continue with deadly brutality against citizens, guaranteed by the full protection of the system.
The Muslim Brotherhood doubts the possibility of regaining stolen fortunes from the former regime and calls for an urgent meeting of all revolutionaries.
On their Twitter account @Ikhwanweb, the Muslim Brotherhood called for a mass protest in Alexandria’s Qaed Ibrahim Mosque. Mohamed Ghozlan, spokesman of the Brotherhood, announced that the Brotherhood would take part in nationwide protests along with other revolutionary forces.
Ousted president Hosni Mubarak along with ex-interior minister Habib El-Adly received a life sentence 2 June for killing protesters during the 18 days of the January uprising.