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  • Monday ,04 June 2012

Democracy in Egypt

Naseem Ebaid Awad

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Friday ,01 June 2012

Democracy in Egypt

 After the Spanish dictator, general Francisco Franco has passed away, Spanish people decided in a historic referendum to restore the royal regime. Now, Spain is one of the free countries that adopts devolution of power. This came after respecting the will of the Spanish people who decide what they do want and what they don't, this is democracy and everyone should respect their choice. People may disagree, debate or accuse each other, but when it comes to the elections, they respect it and work together for their country.

In USA, there was a big conflict between Bill Clinton who was accused of sexual crimes like rape and sexual harassment when he was the governor of Arkansas, and his opponent George Bush who used to make fun of Clinton saying that his dog understands politics better than him. But, when Clinton won in the elections, Bush congratulated him and handed the power over smoothly. It's worth mentioning that American economy flourished in his time, and no one remembered his scandals any more. Both Clinton and Bush has been serving America and its interests.
Unfortunately, religion is mixed in Egypt with politics which was demonstrated during the first referendum concerning the constitutional declaration when people were given a choice by the religious leaders between heaven to the person who says Yes and hell to the person who says no. This made 78% say YES in the referendum and now most of them regret it. 
Islamists seized more than 75% in People's Assembly and Shura council, but they didn't  fulfill any of their promises. They only cared about calling for prayers in the Parliament and building a mosque next to it! They care about female circumcision and permitting girls to get married at the age of 12 more than social justice and fighting corruption!!
People knew that they are only after money, sex and authority. Thus, they choose Shafik who supports the civil state that was in Egypt since its beginning.
Since then, every thing was turned upside down. Ordinary people have chosen Shafik because he doesn't belong to Muslim Brotherhood. However, intellectuals ( or those who claim to be) have chosen to support Muslim Brotherhood against Shafik. For instance, Alaa al-Aswany and Mahmoud Saad who proved they don't understand democracy or know how to respect a different point of view as they insulted Shafik and his supporters.
Egyptians have chosen the light rather than darkness as they like the sun. Look at the Islamic Judges who apply Sharia rather than the Egyptian law (look at Abu Qurqas ruling)!
They are so ignorant that they say and believe that Copts are the reason behind Shafik's progress. Thanks for admitting that Copts can make a difference in an election! But Copts will vote for Ahmed Shafik in the next elections because he is the best for Egypt now, especially that Copts don't like Sharia to be applied. Copts want Egypt to be a civilized and free country with no religious discrimination and they are free to choose whoever they like and this is democracy.
I wonder how come such people are being called intellectuals while they prove they only care about their own interests rather than Egypt! Shame on you! We want Egypt to be a civilian and civilized country. So, let's vote for Shafik who supports a civilian state. All of us can be called remnants including MB and Salafis. Finally, as long as we demand it, democracy should be respected in all cases.