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  • Thursday ,31 May 2012

Shafik: the next president of Egypt

Serry al-Kodwa

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Thursday ,31 May 2012

Shafik: the next president of Egypt

 The will of the Egyptians should be respected, Those who united to achieve this democratic festival all over the Arab world which will affect the whole world, their will should be respected.

Egypt is located in the center of the Arab world which waited long for that say when Egypt was electing its president, which they know it will affect their future as well.
Unexpected results were achieved after the Islamists acquired the majority of seats in the Parliament when Ahmed Shafik came back to compete in the presidential elections with Mohamed Mursy, Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate.
Egypt has experienced a significant experience after the revolution which started in Tahrir square where Egyptians cried out saying: People demand overthrowing the president. 
Many Egyptians don’t worry much about the identity of the next president as they knew the way to overthrow him in case he gives up his promises. Tahrir square has become the yard where Egypt is governed.
Thus, Arab spring which will go down in history and will affect the whole world.
Revolution of the Arab spring has become an inspiration for the whole world, and the Egyptian election has also become an inspiration for the Arab world.
He who sacrifices his life for the sake of change, and face the bullets of the repressive regimes, has been dreaming of the day that democracy is respected by everyone.
Those who made the revolution have demanded applying the democracy instead of repressive regimes. They won’t accept such regimes again, but only democracy with rotating the authority.
Democracy has started in Tahrir square and moved to all Arabic squares. It has demanded a new regime and a new system which is democracy, and if the majority of Egyptians  want Shafik to be the next president, he should be, as this is the democracy that the revolution demanded.