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  • Wednesday ,30 May 2012

History and patriotism of Copts

Halim Eskandar

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Wednesday ,30 May 2012

History and patriotism of Copts

First of all, I want to point out that the title of this article is taken from a famous book by the late father Boulos Basily. I found in this title the best answer to the accusations for the Copts after the first round of the presidential elections in Egypt 2012 and a runoff election will be held between Dr. Mohammed Mursi, the candidate of Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood, and Ahemd Shafik, the former prime minister.

Copts are being accused that they have betrayed the revolution and its martyrs as they voted for Ahmed Shafik. I refuse this accusation completely as this is not true at all!
Copts are very patriotic and love Egypt very much. There is a famous story that happened in the days of Pope Peter Al Gawly and Mohammed Ali; Ali was very powerful which made the other countries fear him. Russia sent an ambassador to Egypt to visit the Pope and offered him the protection of the Russian Caesar for the Copts. The Pope smiled saying: Will your king (the Russian Caesar) die? The ambassador answered: Yes, like all human beings do! The Pope said: If so, we prefer to be under the protection of God, the king of kings who never dies. And refused the protection of the Russian Caesar
When Mohammed Ali met with the ambassador, he asked him about what he liked in Egypt. The ambassador said: I wasn’t astonished at the great pyramids or the high obelisks, but rather the Coptic Pope, and told Ali about what happened with the Pope. Mohammed Ali smiled and visited the Pope at the same day to thank him for his true patriotism, and for refusing the protection of the Russian Caesar, Ali said to the Pope: Today, your prestige has become great as your country, and you shall ride a cart like mine.
I have 10 things to say to those who accuse Christians of betraying the revolution and trading the blood of the martyrs:
1- Copts voted for the supporters of the civil state, such as: Hamdeen Sabahi, Khalid Ali, Amr Moussa, Ahmed Shafik. Moreover, some of them voted for an  Islamic candidate like Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh. 
2 - I was going to vote to Khalid Ali who is  known by his honesty and devoted his life  for the oppressed, but I figured out he had no chance this time, however I hope next time he will have a better chance.
 3 – How come any one expect Christians to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate? No way.
They talk about imposing a tribute on the Copts, and talk about them as a second-class citizens!
They gave the Copts no place in the  founding committee of the constitution,  and refused to stand a minute of  mourning for His Holiness the late Pope Shenouda III!
 They call the Copts infidels, burn and demolish their churches! Last but not least, look at the unfair judicial rulings concerning Abu Qurqas!
4 - Ahmed Shafik is a great patriot  Egyptian who was meant to be the prime minister of Egypt in a difficult period, bore the responsibility bravely and this should add to him and not the opposite, in addition to his great experience and he was never convicted with the former regime.
5 - Shafik served as a prime minister for  less than one month, what do you expect him to do in this short period?
6 – Someone said: in camel battle 11 people were killed while Shafik was at the head of the government, and Port Said Stadium battle where 74 people were killed happened when the Muslim Brotherhood were at the head of the Parliament.
 7 – However church has announced many times that it encourages its children to participate actively in the elections and perform their duty without asking them to vote for a certain candidate, many people are blaming the church claiming it supported Ahmed Shafik!
8 - What can we say about Imams and sheiks who announced everywhere that anyone who doesn't vote for their candidate is a sinner? aren't they trading on religion?
 9 - What then can we call those who distribute oil, rice, sugar, potatoes, and gas cylinders as electoral bribes?
10 – Those who voted for Hamdeen Sabahi, Amr Moussa, Ahmed Shafik or Khalid Ali were voting for the civil state, and they had no other choice.
Enough accusing the Copts and calling them betrayals. Copts are an integral part of this country, and should have equal rights and citizenship like everyone. Copts have devoted their lives for Egypt and participated in all its wars and many of them lost their lives in these wars. We refuse this way of accusing the Copts to  achieve personal interests to look as the exclusive defender of the revolution or its martyrs! We do respect and appreciate every martyr who died for the sake of Egypt.