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  • Tuesday ,29 May 2012

The dictatorship of the revolutionary mind!

Adel Gergis

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Tuesday ,29 May 2012

The dictatorship of the revolutionary mind!

 January 25 revolution has demanded (bread – freedom – social justice) which are the fair demands of the demonstrators that in order to achieve, they had to topple the former regime. 

Everyone agreed that democracy is the only way to achieve these goals. Many events happened and we had to choose our president from 13 candidates, but what’s really weird is some candidates have announced with their supporters that if one of the remnants wins the presidential elections (Shafik or Moussa), they will lead another revolution in Tahrir square. Here, we have to think…
“Remnants” is a weird expression... are there really remnants for the former regime? Absolutely not, as revolution has toppled the former regime with all its remnants. Most of them have been convicted or waiting to be, while very few of them could escape abroad. Thus, no one can eliminate the others. Anyone who is not convicted after the revolution is an honorable citizen with the same rights and duties as the other Egyptians. Moreover, this person is a partner of the earnings of the revolution, and there is no coalition or group has the right to monopolize talking on behalf of the revolution. 
All Egyptians are partners in the revolution, and when the people choose someone, no one can refuse this selection. Accepting the revolutionary forces to compete with “the remnants” is an implied approval of their legitimacy to reach the presidential office, or else why didn’t they withdraw from the presidential race, boycott it, sit in and demonstrate?
Basic commandments
He who rejects the results of the elections in case it brings certain candidate, which is an attempt to be the guardian over the Egyptians politically, which means Egyptians are not yet ready for choosing their president, and they are not yet ready for democracy.
Can election bring the worst?
Yes, it can as many currents are fighting over it, for instance:
- Religious currents that want to continue the stealing process of the revolution which it had started already by the Parliament and associations, and trying to seize control of the committee drafting the new constitution.
- Currents that want to reproduce the regime of Nasser with Islamic reference.
- Copts that think they are the most wronged group after the revolution and suffered a lot.
- Silent majority that I think is going to vote in this election. They have already suffered the most after the revolution from security and financial issues. This majority wishes the former regime comes back. 
Some people say that this is a plan of the former regime to give the Egyptians either freedom or security. However revolution destroyed security and brought no freedom, but only Heraba law, female circumcision and farewell intercourse law! The best thing was done after the revolution is canceling daylight-saving time! We suffer now from more corruption than we suffered from during the previous 30 years.
All these powers are fighting in the elections which may bring us someone who is worse than Mubarak. People don’t fear the remnants as they have tried them before, but rather they fear the unknown. We’re not against the change, but rather the bad change.
The revolutionary dictatorship
Finally I want to say: it is dictatorship to eliminate a person who is not convicted by the law, even if we are talking about a revolution. Smile, we are about to reproduce the former regime. Those who pretend to be revolutionary have to accept the results of the revolution whether they like it or not. As long as they accept the democracy, they have to accept the result of the elections.