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  • Monday ,28 May 2012

Slaughter season of Egyptian girls

Teriza Samir

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Monday ,28 May 2012

Slaughter season of Egyptian girls

 This summer comes very hot, and with its heat comes slaughter of girls. This slaughter happens at the end of each month during the summer when girls’ circumcision is performed. I was surprised to read in the newspapers that this was sponsored by one of the Islamic political parties that were established after the revolution. 

Girls’ circumcision is a crime and an assault. This is a slaughter of the Egyptian girls. 
How come we start doing this again after we had achieved a big progress in that field! Unfortunately, political Islam is leading such campaign or invasion for the Egyptian girls.
I wondered how come a political party participates in such crime! Don’t they know that there are psychological, physical and sexual side effects on the girls that caused by these operations? Don’t they know that it is against the law and is prohibited by article 242 of the Egyptian law and he who does this should be sentenced to 6 months to 3 years in addition to 1 to 5 thousands EGP? Don’t the parents know that this is an assault against their daughters? Don’t the religious traders know that religion has nothing to do with their deeds and there is no one verse in Quran that orders them to do so?
Don’t they know that female genital mutilation resistance has started 1904 when sheik Rashied Reda, a deciple of Imim Mohammed Abdu, wrote in his book that female genital mutilation has nothing to do with Islam?
In 1928, the first medical conference against female genital mutilation was held. In 1959, the first ministerial decree to prevent doctors from performing this operation on girls. 
This operation is being resisted for a long time, but now we are starting from the beginning and there are medical convoys sponsored by a political party to perform this crime.
Are we trying to develop our country, or return to the retarded practices?
Let’s realize the current significant moment and cling to human rights. Let’s unite against this retardation to achieve the goals of January 25, to achieve human dignity. Let’s stop the slaughter of our girls, and save them, and Egypt as well.