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  • Friday ,25 May 2012

Ezzat Boulos: Copts don’t support a candidate but a current


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Friday ,25 May 2012

Ezzat Boulos: Copts don’t support a candidate but a current

Ezzat Poulos, an activist and CEO of Copts United news website, said that Copts won’t vote for one presidential candidate, but most of them will vote for a civilian candidate like Ahmed Shafiq, Amr Moussa and Hamdeen Sabahi.

Polous told AKI that very few Copts will vote for the Islamic candidates as the majority of the Copts support the civilian candidates.
Regarding the role of the Church in the presidential elections, Poulos said the Church has done its normal role, kept away from politics, and never favored a certain candidate to allow its people to elect freely. He added that he didn’t hear about a clergyman of the church who tried to guide the voters to elect a certain candidate.
Polous appreciated such conduct of the church which should have been applied long time ago, according to him. He added that church have a religious authority and not a political one.
About accusing the Copts of voting for the civil current as they fear the Islamic one Poulos said that it’s not because they fear for their own lives, but rather for the future of Egypt, just like the liberals do and refuse the domination of the religious groups over the political life.
It’s worth mentioning that Copts represent 6 to 10 percent of the Egyptian population which can be a critical factor in determining the next president.