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  • Friday ,25 May 2012

A Brief Review of Economics and Politics

J.M Fahmy

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Friday ,25 May 2012

A Brief Review of Economics and Politics

 Away from the political talks and elections of Egypt or expectations there today I’ll take you to a short trip to a real life story I witnessed few years ago. As I’m looking all around me since several months started sometime last year around June, when Obama restlessly demanded the approval of a new bill of expenses which brought down the worldwide value of the USA Dollar, then the crisis spread to Europe and I would say the whole world.

The story starts sometime in late 90’s of last century 1990’s a beauty saloon like any other beauty saloon on Miami Beach start booming … Good management or good luck I can not say, all I can say this business that start offering beauty services from hair styling to nail polish and hair caring like any other beauty saloon would do, but for some reason this business had the luck to deal with normal clients and as well a very high class rich people! 
Those rich people gave that business a big push to start booming as its wheel of production never stopped developing, from simple hair care and wash or colouring, full body care was introduced from steam showers to Sauna Jacuzzi you name it included as well massage and full body care! Over time other individual entities developed offering their services to that booming business like boutiques selling beauty products, or other side services like lunch for the workers or Baby Guardians and School or news papers and magazines to entertain customers while waiting their turn , Fashion shops  even movie theatres were introduced creating the basis of a Mall TO GO…
What is this Mall to GO, was a Mall all its stores and business were to buy not for rent, so on the long run this Mall has no one individual owner but each business  owner in that Mall had a share in it! Moreover the originator of the beauty saloon stopped hiring workers, but offered renting services to professionals stylists and body carers they would rent the place for a certain amount of time service their customers and go, those professionals would hire their own helpers and pay them as those professionals rather than creating their own business they used the reputation of already very reputable place that never closed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the production is on the Mall generates income and life goes on! The rich customers would come at any time of the day in their own private jets or public flights by them selves or with a group of friends … 
Would a business like that COLLAPSE AND BURKRUPT? The answer is sadly and simply YES!
As I said this business that used to exist late 90’s of last century, come the unforgettable terrorist attack of 11th September, in a far away spot from the famous Miami Beach, but like it or not destroyed that business and the majority of those very rich high class customers where Jews, and 9/11 was mainly targeting Jews of Israel but attacked Jews in USA, and killed merciless non Jews and Christians even Muslims who happen to be at that particular time in the World Trade Centre!
Obviously fears from after match attacks and further developments beside USA clearly announced the war on the terror, all those rich clients preferred to stay away and watch the developments stayed put in their home towns stop going around in trips and stop spending awaiting for the worst to come! First the School had to close, with the beauty saloon production wheel stacked somewhere not running any more the owner had no fears the place belongs to him he does not have to pay rent or any other expenses but the professionals out of business had to find an alternative … The food place could survive a bit longer doing home deliveries but the beauty products stores all had to pay still mortgages, banks seized the businesses in hope to get back their money but could not still sell the seized businesses and never recovered the dues or even a portion of it!
Now why I tell this old story? What the lessons from it? What the collusions?  
First lesson no business is above bankrupts risks we do have disasters, natural or human or what so ever they can all bring down any business. 
Second and most important, you can not plan for a business without deeply looking in the political environment surrounding this business, and that is why in Egypt like many more countries we do have the faculty of Economic and Political studies  Cairo University or Faculte des Etudes Economiques et Politiques - Universite du Caire in French. We need to understand how politics affect the economical environment and vice versa how economical environment affects political decisions! Having a president that cannot see or feel how his decisions can affect negatively or positively the economy can lead to a disaster, the person who all what he can see around him is to sit and govern Egypt is a very dangerous person we all true Egyptians need to stay away from him no matter what logos or words he says we all need to work together to bring back Egypt to its feet after all these years of poverty due to whatever reason, what matters now is to all be Just Egyptians!
In conclusion we see how USA troubled economy affected Europe, the general well known principal in Economy –If you owe me money, to my best Interest I need to help you out and make you stand back on your feet, much better than trying to recover what I can and end up loosing everything!
This is my message to the people who try to buy Egypt for any reason, you might end up losing Egypt and YOURSELF!!