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EUCOHR: We won't hold still before the injustice of Abu Qurqas judgement

By-Michael Faris | 24 May 2012

European Union of Coptic Organizations for Human Rights denounced the ruling of Minya court in which 12 Christians were sentenced to life imprisonment while 8 Muslims were acquitted in spite of committing many crimes like holding weapons and explosives, attacking the others to kill them and demolishing their properties.

It called the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to cancel this ruling and retrial them, because such ruling will affect the reputation of Egypt. it was really weird as someone like Alaa Roushdy who wasn't present in the fight is sentenced to life imprisonment!
Members of the organization wondered if this is a sample of the Islamic justice. They added that they are looking forward to having a meeting with the European Parliament to discuss the sufferings of the Copts.
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