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  • Friday ,25 May 2012

What is MB going to do?

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,24 May 2012

What is MB going to do?

 As the political conflict in Egypt rages, and as the currents of political Islam are fighting to rule Egypt, we should analyze the presidential elections right before it starts.

ُIf none of the political Islamic candidates wins the presidential elections, there is a chance that Egypt may witness somehow intense violence and some assassinations as well. This may happen if the religious currents failed to seize the presidential office to achieve its goals. The first goal is to govern Egypt by both force and elections to achieve their agenda as I explained in previous articles.
Here, the Armed Forces has to do its hard job that it tried hard to avoid since January 28, 2011, maybe to avoid Egyptian bloodshed, or because of receiving many pressures. However, the clash is inevitable and may start right after the Egyptian elections. 
This clash may take one of tow forms: the first one is a bloody clash between the Egyptian Armed Forces and the groups of political Islam headed by Muslim Brotherhood that announced it refuses the results of the elections if its candidates don't win! whether Mohammed Mursi or the secret candidate Abdul Moniem Abul Fotouh who is supported by Muslim .Brotherhood as well
The inevitable clash comes as they have foreign agendas to apply in cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood leader Ibrahim Salah who has political and economical communications with European countries (such as the Swiss government and the European Union). Using these various communications along with the financial support of Muslim Brotherhood member Hasan Nada, the grandson of Hasan Al Banna, Tarek Ramadan, and many others who own the most expensive palaces in Switzerland and live there.
 This makes glove puppets of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders that are manipulated by some people we don't see, people who are connected to the Zionist movements. All of this is funded by some Arab countries as kind of jihad!
  The second type would be less intense. In case one of the Islamic candidates won the presidential elections, Egyptians may rise against such result and this can't be measured now.
In short: the Egyptian Armed Forces with all its leaders, young men, soldiers and officers (even if many of them support Muslim Brotherhood) is the first and last protection for Egypt and its people. They are responsible before God and men, before history and the whole world to do so, and we have great faith in them.
Finally, we wonder if the presidential elections will surprise us? We will know this in few hours