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  • Tuesday ,22 May 2012

We need a president, not a caliph!

Ezzat Boulos

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Tuesday ,22 May 2012

We need a president, not a caliph!

 In few days, Egypt will witness its first real presidential elections. Consequently, many people are thinking: Who will be the next president after the revolution that overthrew the former president?

A very confusing question, especially as many of us are really dependent. We want the president to think for us, and work for us as well. As we think he knows the best for his people, we submit to him just like we do to clergy (sheiks and priests). We never think about their degrees or experiences. It’s enough for him to be a religious leader to receive blind obedience.
Let’s deviate from analyzing the defects of our culture to talk about the next president. I’ll talk about Switzerland as I lived in it for years. I don’t mean to imitate them, but to learn from this beautiful democratic and civilized country.
The cabinet of Switzerland consists of 7 consensual ministers who are elected by the Swiss Parties. One of them is elected for one year to be the president. This president doesn’t have more authorities than the other ministers. I’ve asked many of the Swiss who their president is, and most of them didn’t know the answer. 
The President in Switzerland is only a representative for his country. I have never heard somebody yelling at the Swiss president saying: “I sacrifice myself for you”, or dissemble him saying: “This project was only made by your inspiration”. If we want Egypt to be a modern and civilized country, we need all people including the president to work very hard.
In my opinion, our next President needs to have certain qualifications as he will work under many pressures. He should be an expert in both politics and administration, not an amateur whose qualifications are mostly participating in some demonstrations! His loyalty shouldn’t be for the General Guide of Muslim Brotherhood rather for Egypt and its interests. He shouldn’t belong to a terroristic organization that has killed many innocent Egyptians.  
Let’s focus on the achievements of the presidential candidate throughout his life. It doesn’t matter if this was achieved under a dictatorial rule, but rather: how did he work? Let’s think and decide which candidate can serve Egypt based on his curriculum vitae. Let’s think about the electoral platform of each candidate and think how he will carry it out. We shouldn’t be impressed by their speeches. We made this mistake in the elections of the People’s Assembly as we elected MPs based on our emotions. 
Our motivation in choosing the next president shouldn’t be based on our fear from the extremists, but based on our caring for Egypt and its future. 
I look forward to seeing Egypt as a developed country, and the Egyptian citizen should has dignity no matter what’s his religion, society race, sex or wealth.    
Again, we want a president that doesn’t discriminate between citizens for any reason, a president that cares only for Egypt. We need a person who gives great concern for science, education and health; a president who doesn’t support or follow superstitions and extremists, and cares for Egypt above all. We will see the result in a couple of days, and it will bring happiness to Egypt.