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  • Monday ,21 May 2012

What is after?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,21 May 2012

What is after?

 As we are closer and closer to the doom day of elections you might all think I should remain in the spirit of the hour and talk about elections, but seriously when I think of that day, elections, results, fair or unfair elections, is there to be any discrepancies, planned or unplanned results, what is after, a 100 + 1 unanswered questions and a feel lost and empty I do not know what to say!

Each hour and day new rumours spread like fire on ashes, we all expect the unexpected, we lost faith in everyone and everything but we all, or at least all true Egyptians want one common thing … The best for our country and to keep moving away from this dangerous slop we all found ourselves in it.  
Why all that is happening? I keep thinking and comparing analysing and making my own conclusions, that is why I admit having a very bad memory with names, history in terms of exact date an event took place, or places where on this earth this happen. I do not need to keep those in my memory as I can always ask you what is your name, or open the history book look for a date, and now with Internet, I’m just a click away from any piece of information needed. So I keep my brains free to think and analyse make my own conclusions that might be right or wrong because finally I’m just a human being not God.
I heard once in a comic movie the actor who was in that movie a writer, he said pointing to his library I hate having to read all those books just to write a book! True, the best authors had a wealth of knowledge and knew when and how to put that piece of information in the right place to give the right meaning and feeling and this made them so great authors and writers.
Going back to the elections, I say I feel empty about it, I know I do not support any Religious State, any candidate who want to make from Egypt a big Mosque, with all due respect to Muslims and Mosques, and I’m not for that candidate! So who is left over excluding those Religious Candidates? Some old overthrown regime colleagues who where helping Ex-president and publicly seen as full plain failure of the revolution going back to them. I had an article few weeks back about Omar Suleiman who lost of anti-Islamic state supporters seen in him the rescue belt that will keep Egypt floating not to sink in the bottom of an Islamic state and witness the massacres Turkey had seen last Century. I said in my article then I can not save Egypt going to the devil, he is seen as an extension of Mubarak! 
I backed up Ahmed Shafik in despair as the best available choice but deep inside myself I was not happy for that choice, I really excuse all Egyptians being in such a disorder looking for a way out! There are the Nasser theory school who forget we can not go back in time and start a liberation war for Palestine when Egypt itself is torrent apart into 1000 pieces! A war need a united nation backing up its leadership, we are not united we do not have a leadership yet and moreover I am not a WAR SUPPORTER!
Seriously I apologize being unable to give the right advice simply because I believe no one deserves the honour of our trust! The big fall back of the revolution is that it was not a planned revolution like the Jacobs of the French revolution, or even that of Nasser and the liberty officers it was a spontaneous rise up of fed up people who just shouted a big no to the old regime and kept saying no until he had to go, but what comes after that was a big question mark that still needs an answer!
What I like to say in this difficult times is a simple fact being the president of a country is not an honorary  position like being the king or queen; Queen Elisabeth the 2nd is not the one that rules the country or makes laws and decides whom to fight and with whom to make peace, she is just an honorary symbol of the United Kingdom that remains a Queen as long as people accept to give her that honour and as for why it is not our main subject so I leave it at this stage. 
The president of a country should be a person who is appointed by his people to run the country, this is a duty from the people and he has to serve the people who elected him and gave him not the honour but duty to lead the country to a better stage, who can meet this criteria is most welcome to become our first ever elected president, I know elections can be faked, altered behind closed door and away from observing eyes so do not believe in edited clips claming that the caught red handed faking elections, rumours will clam the winner won thanks to fake votes, the supporters of a failed candidate will try their best to damage the reputation of the winner and make it look as a wrong choice from the people, we need to be very open minded and sharp watching for all this turns around points!
People of Egypt, please make the right choice, may God Bless you all and Bless Egypt!