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  • Monday ,21 May 2012

Can He Do it Again?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,23 April 2012

Can He Do it Again?

 Thanks God ...Last week in my thoughts I published a post under the Title WHY

I declared why I do not support Omar Suleiman as President cause I see in him the image Of Hosni Mubarak, maybe it was because in a last attempt from Mubarak to contain the 25 January Revolution he appointed him as Vice president which made him more hated by public opinion! I know there were lots of good sides in Omar Suleiman as a public respected figure but for sure not locally acceptable. To me he was a no no just like Military Council-MC- or Muslim Brotherhood-MB- they all were a NO NO!
Elections High Commissioner after reviewing announced 10 Names out of the race he was one of them with Hazem and Shater who did not give up the battle yet and still trying to impose themselves to the point some of Hazem supporters clamed SELECTING -not Electing- him as future Islam Prophet; Here I need to point out that Islam at its early stages the closely related top Islamic figures would gather and select within them the new successor for Islam leadership... It is not like selecting a new Pope when Cardinals Bishops and all high religious faithful priests gather fast and have their own religious ceremonies asking the help of God to be guided to the right selection, but just a gathering after the death of the previous leader and deciding this will be the new follower not based on some criteria of faith but could be faith or strong personality or aggressiveness; finally upon Ottoman the post was offered to who pay better tribute to the Ottoman! So Hazim supporters decided to swear allegiance to him! This means defending to death his dreams for the presidency chair; jeopardizing National security of Egypt and putting the country to a strong steep verge of Civil War that might lead to a division of Egypt like in Sudan but did this Sudan division put an end to the troubles? Or does Somali lives in peace? 
I guess radical Muslims and I stress on the word RADICAL so that no one thinks I'm attacking Islam or takes and twists my words as a holly discrimination and calling for Civil Wars, and those RADICAL best hobby is to ignite troubles, we had seen how banning Nikab or Borka in France was a big issue for Egypt, banning building Mosques in Belgium another big issue for Egypt but raping and baring women in Egypt no one saw it and they said [Well done women have to stay home what was she doing there?!!] has nothing to do with real Muslims that I lived within them all my life and none of them threatened my life or was an obstacle in my path on the contrary they were always real brothers and the firsts to help when help was needed!  I say those RADICALS cannot live in peace because Hatred is filling their dark hearts they know only killing, blowing up and terrorism no talks no negotiations just atrocities! And we see that clear even within the Muslims themselves they kill and blow each other in Iraq, Afghanistan, even India they did not spare in their 2008 Mumbai attack!
With 10 Candidates being eliminated Mr. Ahmed Shafiq ex-Air minister of Egypt and the person who did renew the Old Cairo Airport, which has lots of memories as this OLD airport on 1977 I had to spend a whole night in it due to Air-Olempic Airliner delay the Greek Airliner then and due to that delay the airliner decided to offer all passengers a free night at the airport’s hotel! As I was travelling alone I had to be fitted with others my luck was to share a 3 bedroom room with 2 friends traveling together so I was in between them like an intruder I left to the open air on the 1st floor open pathway to the rooms, overseeing to the whole run way for planes to take off or land! I found the very same problem with a married couple who were fitted with 2 strangers in a 4 bedroom room so they decided to leave the room out in the open air like me! Away from those memories at 2003 when I visited Egypt and the flight attendant announced we were going to land in the old airport I freaked out! Old Airport in my mind was that airport of 1977!! 
When I left Egypt 0n 1988 I used the new Airport, old Airport become for travelers to  and from Arab Countries and was a real pity to be around when a flight reaches from Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, custom officers were like sharks around a prey, Egyptians returning to Egypt after 5-10 years collecting petrodollars with all kinds of latest technologies available from Refrigerators, to CD / DVD readers, wide screen TV sets you name it all what normal poor Egyptians could not afford with their poor salaries! Coming from, Heathrow International Airport in UK to this old Airport was to me a real nightmare! 
We landed peacefully, somewhere in the nearby desert, the plane on ground kept running for almost half an hour before finally coming to a stop but and  another 10-15 minutes elapsed before doors finally were opened and passengers allowed to board off the plain...
I kept looking around for the old airport I had in my mind I could only see latest styles of Airports and I had seen over the years a lot! I would say better than Charles De Gaul International Airport! Really amassing and magical renewal; who was behind it Ahmed Shafik!
With this in my mind (the renewal of the old Cairo International Airport) and having not heard so far any misconduct approached to Mr Shafik, and being closely related to Mubarak’s regime I see Mr. Shafik best fitted than any other MB or MC candidate!  
I know Mr. Shafik is still an MC candidate but since no better options around and hopping that Mr. Shafik can do from Cairo another fine job like the one he already did with the Old Cairo International Airport!! I hope he will improve Cairo to better standards not bring it  back to prehistoric eras that Egypt was never part of that, even when Islamic invasions were at their peak Egypt remained Egypt proud of its sons like any mother 
Egypt will always remember its sons Ramses and Nefertiti all the way with Nasser and Mubarak passing by Orabi and Saad Zagloul Good deeds and bad remain for history to judge as for us, we need to unite to save Egypt and keep it proud with it’s sons!!