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  • Wednesday ,16 May 2012

Hamzawy submits documents for his new political party

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Wednesday ,16 May 2012

Hamzawy submits documents for his new political party

Independent MP Amr Hamzawy submitted papers to found a political party called Freedom Egypt to the parties’ affairs committee on Tuesday.

Hamzawy told Al-Masry Al-Youm that he submitted 5,400 signatures, most of which are from Upper Egypt and the Delta. He blamed the delay in founding the party, which was announced after eruption of the revolution, on gathering proxies from citizens without paying any money, in addition to being occupied with the heated political situation.
In March 2011, Hamzawy said he seeks to consolidate the principle that this homeland belongs to Muslims and Copts alike, and that building it is the responsibility of all citizens.
He said that many of the party founders are youth, including Shaheer George Ishaq and several university professors. The board of trustees will include George Ishaq, Nasser Amin and other public figures.
Despite being a co-founder, Hamzawy said he will not be the party chief or assume any other executive post, being occupied with work in the People’s Assembly.