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  • Monday ,14 May 2012

Brotherhood and Salafis exchange rebukes again

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Monday ,14 May 2012

Brotherhood and Salafis exchange rebukes again

The Salafi-led Nour Party called on the Freedom and Justice Party Saturday to clarify Safwat Hegazy's statement that Salafis who back Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh for president are national security agents.

 Hegazy, a Muslim Brotherhood member, made the comment in a campaign rally for FJP presidential candidate Mohamed Morsy on Friday. 
On Facebook, Nour Party chairperson Emad Eddin Abdel Ghaffour called on the FJP to keep their statements calm as the presidential race heats up.
"Some people are seeking excitement and incitement, so do not be dragged [into it]. The will say you supported Abouel Fotouh upon orders from the military council, a deal with America and the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia. It is just enough to tell them: Peace be upon you, we do not seek ignorant people. Once again: Leave arguments and adhere to work," he said.
Nader Bakkar, the Nour Party spokesperson, also called on Facebook for the FJP to officially clarify Hegazy's statements.
Hegazy accused Salafis supporting a candidate other than Morsy of fighting what is right because they are afraid to apply Sharia, receive commands from their masters, and are national security agents.
Safwat also ridiculed Ashraf Thabet, a Nour Party MP and the People’s Assembly deputy, for saying the Nour Party is familiar with the qualifications of the presidential candidate it is backing (namely Aboul Fotouh).
Safwat said Thabet has nothing to do with politics: "The most important job you can do is wash the bodies of the dead," he said, in reference to the Islamic practice of preparing a dead person for burial.
Abouel Fotouh was expelled from the Brotherhood last year for entering the presidential race at a time when the Brotherhood said it would not field a candidate.