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  • Friday ,11 May 2012

Minors and guardians!

Monir Beshai

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Friday ,11 May 2012

Minors and guardians!

 Recently, the General Guide of MB has given a speech in which he mentioned a conversation between him and the late Pope Shenouda III. The General Guide asked the Pope: Do you know who ordered us to take care of the Copts? The pope asked: Who? The General Guide said: The Prophet Mohammed himself!

First, I’m sorry that the General Guide talks as if he is an Arabic invader and not an Egyptian citizen. He could rather talk like an Egyptian Muslim who is talking to another Egyptian Christian, two Egyptians with two religions. I think that Pope Shenouda upon asking: Who? He didn’t ignore this information, but he did ask to decry this idea of dealing with Copts as minors who need guardians. I want to tell the General Guide that the Copts along with millions of Egyptian Muslims: thank you for your generosity, but this is totally rejected. 
If the General Guide believes in this, then he lives in another century, mostly the seventh.  But wake up, we are in the 21st century, the Islamic caliphate is over and is replaced by democratic civilian governments. The Egyptian Islamic rule over non-Moslems is over. Muslims won’t protect Christians in Egypt, but Muslims and Copts will protect Egypt against its enemies. 
The assumption that a certain faction is the guardian of another reflects the pride of those who think they are guardians, and despise the others and make them look like traitorous as they are not allowed to serve in the Army and they can’t be trusted to defend their country. 
This means that the Copts, who are the original Egyptians, will be classified as Dhimmis. Then, the options before them would be: to convert to Islam, to pay tribute or to get killed. Keeping their religion in the land of their fathers is linked to being Dhimmis under the ruling of the Muslims. And they should be humiliated as Quran had ordered: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued”  (At-Tauba 29). The details of  Dhimmi contract is written in Covenant of Umar, and these are some of its provisions by the Christians of Syria:
• We pledge not to build churches.
• We won’t reconstruct churches about to collapse.
• We won’t fix any churches located in the Districts of Muslims.
• We will host passers-by and travelers of Muslims in our homes
• We will host all Muslims for three days.
• We won’t celebrate our masses in front of Muslims.
• We will not prevent anyone from our people to convert to Islam if he or she wants.
• We will treat Muslims in a good way and show them charity.
• We will honor Muslims, and give them our seats if they need it.
• We will not imitate them in clothing.
• We will not ride horses or carry weapons.
• We won’t show our books or crosses in the places of Muslims.
But, with the weakness of the Caliphate and the increasing influence of the European countries, there was a pressure on Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid to improve the conditions of Christians and Jews in the empire. Thus, Hamayouni Decree was issued in 1856, which was considered a progressive step at that time. It included important principles confirms the end of the era of Dhimmis and startin the era of equality among citizens. These are some of its provisions:
• Equality between all citizens within the empire in rights and duties.
•No one is forced to leave his religion.
• Working in public positions and military is based on efficiency without religious discrimination.
• All citizens are allowed to serve in military.
• Building the churches in the empire after the consent of the caliph himself.
The Ottoman Empire collapsed completely in 1924 when Kamal Ataturk took over the ruling of Turkey. This coincided with the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 aiming at restoring the glory of Islam, which was lost by the collapse of the caliphate as they believe. 
Their principles are: “Allah is our objective, and the Prophet our leader, the Koran is our constitution, Jihad is our way and, and death in the name of Allah is the highest aspiration”. They pledge to blind obey the General Guide.  Moreover, have carried out a series of assassinations to many of their opposer.
Then the Jihad groups appeared, and after a fatwa from sheik Omar Abdul Rahman who is imprisoned in the United States, they were allowed to attack the Coptic jewelers and kill them to steal their money and jewels to finance their terrorist attacks.
Today, MB is really close to ruling Egypt and to achieve their dream to restore the Islamic caliphate. But under any ruling, Copts would never abandon their rights as full citizens in a civil state. 
Their attempts to reassure the Christians that they will be secure under their protection are rejected, unless the Copts are really stupid to believe that a Wolf can protect a fold of lambs. This wolf was proven to be violent and liar. No, Copts aren’t minors and MB isn’t their guardian.