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  • Thursday ,10 May 2012

Ten Commandments to save Egypt

Sobhi Foad

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Thursday ,10 May 2012

Ten Commandments to save Egypt

 While Egypt is in a state of collapse, and many Egyptians are bleeding in the streets for no good reason, Islamists are busy dividing the inheritance of Mubarak, participating in sit-ins and demonstrations, as well as inciting killing people

Furthermore, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces insists on holding the presidential elections before the end of this month, thinking Egypt will then enjoy stability and tranquility, which I think is not going to happen.
Therefore, with all my love to my country, I put, these proposals before the governors of Egypt , perhaps they will find something useful for Egypt in the current situation:
First, I suggest postponing the presidential elections for two years, until things are more tranquil, and till the people decide which person is preferred by the majority of Egyptians to lead Egypt.
Second, to dissolve the Parliament, as its current form does not represent all segments of the Egyptian people, but represents mostly the Islamic currents, led by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis. Additionally, the majority of its members have won after cheating and paying electoral bribes. Then, to wait for at least one year before the next parliamentary elections is held which should be neutral. As well as the abolishment of Shura Council and give its job to the Ministers and save tax payers’ money. 
Third, to ask all Egyptians of all currents and trends whether intellectual, political, social and religious to participate in making a national reconciliation and reunification of all Egyptians and to put Egypt above all other considerations and interests.
Fourth, to start a serious debate about writing a new constitution for Egypt based on justice, equality, human rights, and non-discrimination based on religion, sex, political affiliation, ideology or any other reason. It should be a secular constitution that separates completely between the state and religion, recognizes and respects human freedom to follow whatever religion the person like. Fifth, assigning a presidential council for two years, which consists of ten members representing all sections of the Egyptian people, to do the job of the President, and to supervise both the government, and drafting the new constitution, as well as to prepare for the presidential elections two years later.
Sixth, to prohibit all kind of demonstrations, strikes and protests for two years, and giving everyone the right to sue for his right in the court.
Seventh, inviting the Egyptians abroad to participate in rebuilding their country with their money and experiences, in addition to encouraging them to participate in the political life and joining parties.
However Egyptian diasporas are treasures that can solve many problems of Egypt, we have never given them the chance to do something. 
Eighth, to launch campaigns through television, newspapers and all kinds of media, aiming at restoring stability, increasing the production as much as possible, working on refreshing the tourism in Egypt, and restoring the foreign investments, to support the economy and create jobs for millions of unemployed Egyptians.
Ninth, to draft legislations and laws to limit the crazy and disastrous increase in the population of Egypt.
Tenth, all Egyptians of all religions, sects and political affiliations should be aware that they are sharing the same ship which face a great storm with no skilled captain, most of its travelers are busy thinking about their own interests and problems. They should know that in order to reach the harbor, they should forget about their own problems and get reconciled. Otherwise all of us will sink with the ship and become a tasty meal for many hungry sharks!