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  • Tuesday ,08 May 2012

The reserve president

Ezzat Boulos

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Tuesday ,08 May 2012

The reserve president

 Football is the most popular sport in Egypt as well as other countries around the world, but its popularity has dropped a lot in Egypt after a stadium had turned into a grave for more than 70 young Egyptians who were victims to a mysterious conspiracy.

Before someone asks me about the significance of talking about football now as we are very busy in politics and there is no chance to enjoy a football game or any other game, I want to say that there is indeed a relationship between the presidential elections and the rules of a football game.
A football team consists of eleven players, and some other players "reserve players". A reserve player is not chosen to play, but is available to play if needed when any player is injured or disqualified. 
What is happening now in the political team of the Muslim Brotherhood is so similar. The coach is the General Guide Mohammed Badie who has chosen Mursi to play after al-Shater was disqualified. After that, MB tried to mobilize the masses using their tested cheating methods that were proven to be effective.  
During the "heating" process that precedes the match, the MB team practiced the plan of the good trainer, al-Shater who had won the parliament match using the same plan against inexperienced young people who had no political experience. This match that made MB takes full control of the game, as if they are playing alone.
As the professional players of MB realize that losing the presidential match will threaten their plan to make Egypt join the international Federation of Islamic states, under the auspices of the expected Caliph whose nationality is not a big deal. It’s more important to have the same T-shirt of their team and take their oath. He should be ready to do whatever it takes to keep the MB principles and preaching aims which are on the contrary of what’s announced now by their players. These announcements which aim at reassuring the others like a white cream over a cup of a black beverage.
Strangely enough, the public who watch the game and the organizers have never figured out what’s happening, and have never noticed the American umpires who favor their MB friends. 
The exciting match continues, while nineteen officials in the main compartment are watching, but not interfering. Sometimes, they only issue a statement on their official page on Facebook as if they never care for the game. Or they may want to teach us how to be indifferent while they plan to win the game before the end of the match or in the stoppage time. Many people are trying to figure out what they’re thinking about, but no one has succeeded.
We only can hope that the men of the compartment know what’s going on in the game that can control the whole country, as they are supported by the Gulf money which will bear humiliation and shame for the people of Egypt.
When the men of the compartment will do something? The whole country is in danger, please wake up!