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  • Thursday ,03 May 2012

You are in Egypt indeed!

Maria Alfy

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Thursday ,03 May 2012

You are in Egypt indeed!

 “The three are lying to her” is an Egyptian movie by the actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz. She performed the role of Nagiba, a hard working girl who got the best grades in the high school. As soon as she started studying at the university, she met with an spoiled guy who used her. Then, she met with another fake religious man who trade on religion, and he tried to use her too. Later, she met with a human rights activist who appears to care for others while he cares only for himself.  

In fact, I’ve always imagined Egypt as Nagiba, the good girl as Egypt was pioneer in many fields for long time. But, political Islamists and other appeared pretending to care for Egypt, while in fact they only care for themselves and their agendas. 
Egypt was pioneer in many fields and sciences. It was more developed than Europe, but now it’s full of contradictions that you can only find here!
When You find a political party nominates two presidential candidates, one of them is only a reserve, you must be in Egypt!
If you find a city where the head of the People’s Assembly lives, suffers from a severe gas crisis, it must be an Egyptian city!
When you find an ex-prisoner and a penitent thief are trying to run for presidency, you must be in Egypt!
If you find a presidential candidate uses his supporters to solve his problems instead of helping them solve theirs, you are in Egypt indeed!
If you find a religious society with the highest percentage of sexual harassment, it must be Egypt!
When you find a revolution that is being stolen, you must be in Egypt!
If you hear about a ghost that is manipulating the whole country for more than year, you must be in Egypt!
If a crime happens and the criminals are known, and the courts never judge it for years, you must be in Egypt!
If a People’s Assembly makes a general laws for certain people, it must be in Egypt!
Last but not least: if art and artists are condemned and sent to prison, it must be in Egypt!