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  • Monday ,30 April 2012

What to do before selecting…

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,30 April 2012

What to do before selecting…

 In a few weeks down the line Egyptians will be heading once more to the ballots, they had to Vote on March 2011 for constitutional amendments which come against all odds due the famous Invasion of Boxes…then again after lots of put off and a major stress on MC (Military Council) another election took place to create our National Assembly which proved its failure to represent people or solve their problems. At the time I warned, how can we elect a member of parliament before clearly setting his duties his role and how to account him or fire him from the parliament provided he failed to do what was supposed to do? 

I said then look to me like hiring someone for a job I did not yet set up its description or start building a house before having dug its basis and this requires detailed specifications on how high the building will be and how deep the basis should go to support this height! 
Having said that I did what I had to do and was not astonished for the out come and having such a failed national assembly, what astonished me the late very late weak up of people who selected MB (Muslim Brotherhood) and supported them. Some optimistic say now after the failure of MB in parliament they lost lots of their supporters and this is true to some extend; Moderate Muslims who hoped MB will be a support for Egypt, realised how wrong they were and will not support them any more some others who sold their votes for a breakfast or a tube of gas are not counted as real supporters for MB but no one can count on them too as their loyalty will always be to whom pays more for his vote, but the most important ones are those who were fooled by MB pre electoral propaganda and realized how wrong they were. So all those might lower the 70% support of MB to may be 60% - my optimal view – or as optimistic people see it 55% or even 51% but remains still majority that can drug the country to very dark dangerous slops, this majority in my view is the ignorant that can not read or write, can not read a new paper help him make his mind, or go on the net see what people say and think! Unfortunately, this major portion of our society is still in the hands of MB who since ever lived within them and are formed from them too! Those can not think and are not allowed to think creatively they have to follow orders only MB top leader can think and is considered as God on earth he will let people in to haven and put you in real hell and might as well order your execution if no one as self motivation blows you up before!
Now a few weeks away from presidential elections which if I read well events I think and hope will never take place on time, for no one of well know background is there, either dark faces that are a NO, a big NO, or unknown faces with lots of bright ideas but no one asks them, who you will do that in 1-3 years time and from where the funds to execute your promises, the one that wants to cancel Camp David peace agreement never said what the risks are, how world will look at this what would be Israel’s re-action and if we need to go for a new war with them, how a well rejected Army will fight under MC which lost people’s support? Any war needs a unified strong nation supporting its army and Egypt right now is well divided and subdivided and no unity at all! That is just a sample of the kind of questions you do have to get its answers before supporting a candidate that said Camp David does not exist for me!
My God a hate politicians and politics, I’m not allied to any organization that can give me information and I do not have spies to give me future plans of USA, or if the new allay of USA as claimed by Israel is the MB! And those who claimed MB is the new allay of USA failed to give me a conclusive answer why would USA the major supporter of Israel allay with MB the major threat of Israel? As I said I have no sources of secret Information, no spies, I only have news and verified news and my own brains to think and accept facts or reject them and time will let me know how wrong or right I was; I can not even verify how much a piece of information is true or fake!
As an example in the past few days I had the news that MB is preparing for the so called good bye sex with dead wife, then almost same time contradicting information confirming this is not true it’s just a rumour!! Where the truth is my brains tells me sick people willing to have sex with a dead corps do not need laws for that they just do it discretely; Looks to me just like someone saying MB is preparing a law to allow rape? Women who are not true Muslims and go out of their house deserve to be raped! 
Every thing is possible in today’s technology, early 1940’s to get news you had to have reporters in place writers who would take the piece of information and turn it in to a well written article with attractive titles then print his article in a newspaper  and people buy that newspaper and the story is published … Then TV come to compete with the newspapers industry in the news, but had still to relay on newspapers as a source of news until further development of TV-news made it possible to have their own reporters and mobile news team going to the heart of events and wars! 
Now with the internet you do not have to wait until 12 o’clock for breaking news on TV just go to the site of BBC or CNN get latest news not aired yet on TV! Then like any reporters would do spread the word on Facebook or Twiter, My Space, Hi5 you name it … 
Back to the few days away from presidential elections, why I see it would be postponed or cancelled?
First injections claim Parliament Elections had discrepancies –something I posted on my Facebook since Last November 2011 and lots of people said –It was 1st ever fair elections since the revolution!   How they know elections were fair, and if true why Egypt is one of very few countries that continues to reject International surveillance on elections under the pretext it is interference with internal affairs of the country and no one has the right to do that! Not to talk about Hala Sarhan 2 bags found on the road with votes and was wondering on TV how they got there and who is accounted for them!!
Second Strong public rejection of the MB and desire to abolish this failed assembly!
Third Revolution is still on and if at this present situation a president is elected not to the majority will a real civil war might start, Hazim Abou Ismail continues his fight based on strong popular acceptance that is trying to terrorise people with swards –not yet used but posing a real threat that might be used at a point in time- and suggesting MC good excuse to impose curfews and emergency laws and a state of emergency to save the country from a national disaster and civil war!!
Finally if none of the above is true, this revolution promising to keep going will eventually take down any new president without a national assembly or real constitution so I really hope for the best of the whole Egypt this elections be put off until 1st we have a constitution, 2nd Properly elected national Assembly with real Egyptians Muslims and Christians, Jews and atheists who love Egypt and are working for it best interests then we can think of best options to have a real freely elected true Egyptian President.
May God always bless Egypt in those holly times of Resurrection!