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  • Thursday ,26 April 2012

Church held a memorial ceremony for Pope Shenouda

By-Gergis Tawfik

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Thursday ,26 April 2012

Church held a memorial ceremony for Pope Shenouda

Church held yesterday a memorial ceremony for Pope Shenouda III in St. Mark cathedral in Abbasya for the commemoration of the fortieth day to the departure of His Holiness. Abba Pachomius, acting patriarch said in his speech: "We will do our best to follow his steps" pointing out that Pope Shenouda taught everyone about tolerance and national unity, and spread love among his people towards everyone. Abba Moussa, the bishop of the youth addressed Pope Shenouda saying: “We really miss you”.

 Many people gave speeches of love and respect for the late Pope, including: Dr. Rev. Safwat al-Bayaadi, President of the Evangelical church, father Nicholas Anthony, Bishop of the Roman Orthodox Church, Muhammad Ali Bishr, Member of the guidance office of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mustafa al-Feki, political thinker and Dr. Ali Samman, the former Vice-President of the International Union for the dialogue between cultures and religions who demanded that the life of Pope Shenouda should be studied by Egyptian students to learn love and reject fanaticism.

The ceremony was attended by a delegation of the Military Council, headed by generals, Mamdouh Shahin, Tariq al-Mahdi, Hamdi Badin and Mahmoud Emara, as well as Amr Moussa and Ahemd Shafiq, the presidential candidates, in addition to a number of MPs and ministers and thousands of Copts and clergy.