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  • Sunday ,06 December 2009

christian economy are breakdown by muslims in upper egypt


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Sunday ,06 December 2009

christian economy are breakdown by muslims in upper egypt
This vedio are appear Muslim's when attack to all of treader in city called farshout in upper egypt . this is exposure of economy breakdown for christian . in last 21 this month all of youth muslim in this city r attack to all of christian shop , gold shop , market shop, combuter shop , all of shop in farshout city and make steal all of thing after that make fire on shop and some christian homes . the police whe are comein are didn't make anything to the muslim but leave Muslims make attack , after that any christian people are movie in street will  encounter muslim and hear alot of swearwords and battery from muslims people . so all of christian didn't go out from home becuse them are afriad from any battery . losses of value are 5 Million egyptian pound this equal more of 1 million $ but Egyptian government didn't make any thing and didn't make any save to this christian people . yesterday the same happened in farshout city are happened in city called apu shousha this city beside farshout . i'm called father Kerolus bishop of christian people in farshout and apu shousha he tell me this is injustice and steal and torture to all christian here and tell me he wanted from mr. president instant  interposition in this  events , becuse the police didn't make any thing to stopped this event but leave muslims make that . from 4 dayes this events are happened in farshout , yesterday are happened in apu shousha , i don't know tomorrow where will be happened !!! if police are stoped this riot , how r happened in beside city apu shousha ?? this mean police didn't make thing .
i'm meet some of people r loses them shop talked with them and told me bad things about what is happened for them.