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  • Tuesday ,24 April 2012

Religious President is wanted!!

Jack Attalla

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Tuesday ,24 April 2012

Religious President is wanted!!

 The funniest thing I heard in two weeks was that Salafis, Muslim Brotherhood and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces are looking for a religious President. As they want to have halal tourism with no alcohols or bikinis. They want to cover the pharaonic statues (Just for a while before they can demolish it completely along with its temples which are full of infidelity according to them!). Maybe they will use the students for this mission after a salafi becomes the Minister of Education. I’m really worried after those people announced they would cover these statues. 

They don’t care if sex tourism from the Gulf has spread or produced a million sluts and a million foundlings in Egypt. They care more about prohibiting alcohols, covering the statues, prohibiting the valentine, halal tourism, calling the Copts as infidels and burning their churches. I have a question: Is prostitution considered halal as long as it’s for Muslims and no infidels (Christians) are participating?
I say it loudly: 99% of the Copts don’t accept the Islamic Religious State, the second article of the Constitution, the discrimination against the Copts, and the agreements between the Military Council and the Islamists as it will lead to destruction and is considered a betrayal.
After the scandal of civil organizations as our governors announced they never kneel, but they actually worshipped and did more than this. 
Those Christians who said we agree to the second article only if we get the right to apply our own religion in personal affairs are mostly ignorant or betrayers. This is a disaster as this means we give up our citizenship and agree to paying tribute (money in order to get protection) as well as being a second degree citizens and infidels. This means we agree to the supervision on churches and building them without crosses or domes, as well as converting the minor girls to Islam.
 We should say it clearly: “We don’t accept the second article or the People’s Assembly which was sponsored by Gulf countries. We don’t accept turning Egypt into a religious state carries a deceiver name of a civil state with a religious background! Whether we get a civil state or we separate. All religious states have led to division. They are leading us to such division in a very stupid way. But they should know that Copts have woken up. Copts will not elect Abdul Monem Abul Fotoh who pretends to abandon the Muslim Brotherhood group. 
Young Copts should play more important political role after they moved the Coptic cause to Tahrir square and Maspero. We should have the serpents’ wisdom in dealing with such problems and in choosing the coming Pope and he who have ears let him hear.