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Poll: 45% of students in Beni Suef University want a civilian president, 29% military

By-Gergis Wahib | 20 April 2012

The students of the third year of Faculty of Arts, Journalism department, Beni Suef University have made a poll for 500 students at the university from faculties of Arts, Law, Commerce, veterinary medicine, medicine, pharmacy, science and education. It aimed at discovering how they want their president.

45% of them said they want a civilian president while 29% said they want a military president. 
17% chose Hazem Abu Ismail and 15% chose Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh then Amr Moussa, Salim Al-Awa, Ahmed Sahfik, Hamden Sabahi and Hisham Albastawisi.
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