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  • Friday ,20 April 2012

America is the solution!

Monir Beshai

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Friday ,20 April 2012

America is the solution!

 After a long and fierce debate about the eligibility of Sheik Hazem Abu Ismail to run for the presidency, the competent committee decided finally to delete his name from the records of candidates after making sure his mother has gotten the U.S. citizenship. The decision of the Committee is not a subject to appeal and thus “it’s over”.

I was surprised to know that Sheik Hazem Abu Ismail’s mother has lived in our beautiful city, Santa Monica on the Pacific Ocean on the coastal part of Los Angeles. This is where we lived and worked since we immigrated to the United States in September 1969.
The second surprise is that the Sheik himself has said he lived here as a child with his mother who sent him to a Catholic school near the Coptic Church for a while. In this region, many Egyptians and Arabs of all nationalities and all religions are living. Strangely enough, Egyptians could not live together in peace in their home land, but they could in America. Maybe they feel they need each other, and they have many things in common.
It’s worth mentioning that among the VIPs who lived here is Queen Nazly, the wife of King Fouad, the former Egyptian king, with her daughter Princess Fathia and some of her grandchildren. The tomb of the Queen and the Princess and her husband is here. It’s an important site which we’re interested in visiting to enjoy some beautiful memories. I myself bought me and my wife two graves at the same area like hundreds of Copts here did.
I do not know what kind of American curse that chased Sheik Abu Ismail and prevented him from entering the presidential race! Some people talk about his American citizenship as it’s hard to believe that his mother hadn’t given him the American citizenship. 
If the Sheik was born in America and holds the American citizen, then he has a big chance to nominate himself for the presidency of America in the elections of next November. He will have a good chance against Obama who doesn’t enjoy such popularity or have such strong fans who will threaten by burning America if he doesn’t win!
The bad thing about being a president in America is that it can’t make you rich, which I don’t think it would be a problem for Abu Ismail. However, it has many other qualities like living in the white house which is more than a fancy palace. You can also travel anywhere all over the world using private luxury planes. Do not forget the power that you will enjoy, as you will have a control over a button that can launch nuclear missiles and send it anywhere in the world. You will be the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of America and their fleets and bases everywhere. This would be your chance to teach the others how to show some respect to you! 
On the other hand, Americans would be happy as you will use your relations with al-Qaeda to guarantee them not to repeat what happened on September 11th, 2001 in New York.
But if he holds a U.S. citizenship while not born in America, he may try the court. At the end, if he doesn’t win the case, he can try nominating himself to the U.S. Congress (but he should try not to call for Islamic prayers with Allah Akbar there, as they might misunderstand it). He can even try to be the governor of California or the mayor of Santa Monica.
Of course, somebody like him will have some problems if he rules in America, either as president or a governor. As there are American habits that can be considered a taboo by your Islamic laws. Like drinking and immodest clothes of some women. Many of them even wear bikini on the beach which is a great sin in his religion! It’s better for him then not to approach the beach, and if he sees some libertine, he’d better ignore it. 
I want to tell him: “You should calm down Sheik, as you won’t lose much by going out of the presidential race. Remember what have been said by the former General Guide of Muslim Brotherhood ‘I don’t give a shit about Egypt’. Now, you won’t have to exert a great effort to cover all Egyptian statues with wax as you promised because you think they are idols. How would you cover the Pyramids for example? Now Allah may be giving you a better chance in America. Smile: America is the solution”.