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ESDP: Sobhi Saleh is a new leader for the Infidels Immigration organization

By-Emad Tomas | 19 April 2012

Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) in Assiut descried MP Sobhi Saleh, deputy of the Legislative Committee in the People's Assembly as a new leader for al-Takfir wal Hijra organization (Infidels Immigration organization). This comes after Saleh has described the Supreme Council of Armed Forces as "Quraish infidels" and described one of the presidential candidates to be "Haman" (another infidel) in a seminar in Alexandria.

The party said in a statement last Sunday that this language of calling the others as infidels has disappeared with the disappearance of al-Takfir wal Hijra organization (Infidels Immigration organization). This tone that was used by some inexperienced youth in politics or religion, and now it’s used by an MP and the deputy legislative Commission of the Parliament that draft the law!
Helal Abdel Hamid, Secretary General of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party in Assiut said that the weapon of calling people infidels is meant to be used by the Islamists against all their political enemies. The same weapon that was used before by them at the time of the constitutional declaration as they said that whoever says YES to the declaration is a believer and he who says NO is an infidel! Helal added that if they continue to use this language they are going to lead Egypt to a civil war.


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