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  • Wednesday ,18 April 2012

What if you were Habiba?

Magdi Nabil

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Wednesday ,18 April 2012

What if you were Habiba?

Habiba is a young Egyptian actress who, like many actresses, was admired by and got married to a rich businessman from Qatar.  

Few years later, this rich man was killed and she was accused of murdering him. All evidence were against her. So, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and she has already served half of them.
After 5 years spent in prison as a murder, a gang specialized in burgling the riches’ houses was arrested. A luxury watch was discovered to belong to Habiba’s husband, and they confessed that they killed him while burgling his house.
A big surprise that changed Habiba’s life: she was released after 5 years in prison condemned for a crime she hadn’t committed. Hence, Habiba has sued for a compensation against the Egyptian police (Specifically, the Minister of the Interior and the officer who investigated her case) seeking financial compensation (10 million Egyptian pounds).
Money can hardly compensates a woman for spending 5 years in prison unjustly, however it won’t offset her completely for all what she had suffered.
But what if this woman was judged according to the Heraba law according to the Islamic Law which Islamists are demanding to apply it in Egypt. She would have got her hand and leg cut (the right leg with the left hand or the left leg with the right hand of a person who is condemned as thief).
What if Habiba had received such judge, and finally she was proven to be innocent?
 In this case, the new criminals would be sentenced to the same penalty which is cutting their hands and legs. But more importantly, she wouldn’t receive her leg and hand back. I’m sure that any treasures will not compensate her for cutting her hand and leg! 
We heard about Habiba, but many other innocent people were sentenced according to Heraba law and were discovered later to be innocent but we have never known about them. I wonder, have those people been compensated? I don’t think any money could compensate a person for losing his leg and hand by the law while being innocent. They would still feel guilty though he or she is proven to be not. Everyone will still look at them as guilty as they look at their hands and legs which are not there. 
We say the same about those who have lost their eyes, legs, hands, etc in the Revolution of January 25th. For sure, money can’t compensate them for their organs, even if they handed an official certificate prove they are not guilty!